Whwn Will the American Arbitration Association Decline to Hear a Case?

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In what situation would the American arbitration Association not take a case.
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The answer will depend on the circumstances in each case. Fot example, in employment disputes, the ADA may decline to hear disputes arising out of collective bargaining agreements or independent contractor agreements.

The American Arbitration Association requires that:

An employer intending to eefer to the dispute resolution services of the AAA in an employment ADR plan, shall, at least thirty (30) days prior to the planned effective date of the program:

i) notify the Association of its intention to do so; and,
ii) provide the Association with a copy of the employment dispute resolution plan.
Compliance with this requirement shall not preclude an arbitrator from entertaining challenges as provided in Section 1. If an employer does not comply with this requirement, the Association reserves the right to decline its administrative services.

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