How do I file a formal complaint against the jail for how they are treating my handicapped brother?

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My brother was put in jail on 2 counts of rape and he did not do it. He has an IQ of a 5 year old. He just turned 17 years old and they are trying him as an adult. He was put into a cell with the harder crime people. He takes medication which they sometimes give him and other times they will not give him. He has been in jail since about December 17, 2006 and he has a high bail and we tried to have it reduced but the courts told us that he was a menace to society and that he would have to keep the same bond or stay in jail until his trial date. We do not have that much money and we have been appointed an attorney. I was told that I could file a complaint about the way he has been treated and the way they abused him to sign papers regarding the arrest. He is 17, but he does not have a mind like that and he was told if he just admitted to them that he had intercourse with the 2 girls that they would get him help and let him go home with my mom. He did not know what all that meant and he just knew he was told that he would go home. I do not know if you can help me or not, but I am looking for a form to file a complaint about all this and I need to know what form that I would need to fill out.
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If your court appointed attorney can not file a civil suit on your brother’s
behalf, you may want to consider contacting the Louisiana chapter of the
ACLU at:

You may want to refer to for a sample complaint for violation of the Civil Rights Act by the denial of necessary and adequate medical care

and treatment

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