How Do I Respond to a Motion for Summary Judgment?

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What is the name of the form I need to respond to a Motion for Summary Judgment if I do not agree with the motion?
03/05/2012   |   Category: Civil Actions   |   State: Idaho   |   #25626


It is often referred to as a Response to Motion for Summary Judgment, Motion in Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment, or something similar. Please see the links to forms below. We can assist you with searching to locate forms or we can draft or add forms you may need to our database. However, we cannot advise you to use one particular form over another. We can show you what is available. Please see the forms at the link below to see if the forms meet your needs. You may order the form online or by phone by calling Toll Free: 1-(877) 389-0141 between 8:30am and 5:00pm Central Time Zone Monday – Friday.

Our forms may be modified in Word to fit your needs. If you like, you may also submit a drafting request at the following link:|formsuslegal