How do we get a person off our property that we allowed to live in our barn?

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Howdy! I live with my 76-year-old mother on her 4.5-acre rural property in ____ County. We have allowed a man who was working for us to live out of his Jeep and use our barn (with no power or water) for 7 or 8 months now. We believe, but cannot prove, that last week he stole money and credit cards from my mother's purse that was in our kitchen last week during broad daylight while we both were in the building. He has had keys to our barn and house to feed our cats and to use the laundry and shower. The police were able to get him to give the house key back, but we forgot to get the barn keys back. The Police made it clear that we want him gone and to have no contact with him whatsoever. By Washington law, he is a resident here. An internet background check shows he was sentenced for Assault 2 in 1980. He's a mean drunk and drinks every evening. He continues to contact us daily and still spends the nights by the barn. We both are afraid of him and want him to leave the property immediately. What can we do and how do we proceed? Thank you so much for your time and assistance!
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There are several things to consider but you and your Mother's safely is the most important. If you have requested that he leave but he has not you have several options. However, you probably need to consult a local attorney before taking any action that could lead to a confrontation if you are concerned about that. Options include:

Getting someone that he will listen to and follow their directions to assist.
Getting the police to assist.
Filing for a Protective Order or Restraining order. 
Filing for eviction.
Possible other options your local attorney may discuss.