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Can our landlord divulge information about our finances to unknown people?

Our landlord for our business had sent us an email regarding our rental payment that was returned by the bank. It contained many personal attacks against myself and my husband. The landlord though had CC'd on this email to 5 other people who have no dealings with our rental dispute. There were 3 people that I do not even know and they all live in our small town. The landlor...

03/26/2011   |   Category: Civil Actions » Defamation   |   State: Washington   |   #24499

How Do I Sue a Neighbor for Slander?

I need the names to local lawyers that deal with character assassination by a neighbor.

03/16/2011   |   Category: Civil Actions » Defamation   |   State: Virginia   |   #24420

Can an Apartment Manager be Sued for Bad-Mouthing a Tenant?

Hi, I am an apartment manager. I had a perspective resident referred by a very undesirable resident. This prospect kept talking very badly about the undesired resident. He also lied about many other things. I took his deposit and when his credentials came back. He is not only a felon several times, but has outstanding warrants. I have reason to believe that he may have re...

03/12/2011   |   Category: Civil Actions » Defamation   |   State: Georgia   |   #24386

What Can I Do if Someone is Spreading Lies and Costing Me My Job?

What can I do to a woman that has spread false allegations around about me and it cost me my job and has the potential to cost me further jobs. However her husband is the DA in the county over..what can I do to stop this ?

01/26/2011   |   Category: Civil Actions » Defamation   |   State: North Carolina   |   #24089

What can be done to get back property when someone stole personal journals from my residence?

I am recently divorced and found out while I was still living with my husband, before the divorce that my ex sister-in-law has taken from my bedroom my private journals (diaries). She has read the journals and posted some negative comments on Facebook referring to me and what she had read. How can I get my journals back? (Florida)

12/30/2010   |   Category: Civil Actions » Defamation   |   State: Florida   |   #23905

How can I file criminal charges and sue civilly?

I am being harassed, defamed, threatened, internet stalked, and and what might be considered impersonated via a false website in my name by someone in another state. This has been going on several years, but had recently escalated. This is negatively impacting my life and I need to know my options. Can I file criminal charges? What about suing civilly?

12/10/2010   |   Category: Civil Actions » Defamation   |   State: Tennessee   |   #23797

Can My Coworker Tell Another I'm Crazy?

I walked upon a fellow worker telling other employees some I know and some I did not know that I was crazy and she looked around into my face. Do I have a slander case? I am in a profession where I am responsible for sick people. I was surprised she would say such a thing.

09/05/2010   |   Category: Civil Actions » Defamation   |   State: Texas   |   #23104

Does the Church Have to Show Me a Defamatory Letter Written About Me?

If somebody accuses me of something (unethical behavior) and puts that in writing, should I not be entitled to see that accusatory piece of writing before having to respond to it? isn't it my right to total disclosure of information in as far as my very own person is concerned? This is NOT about anything that breaks the law, and it happened in the environment of the church to w...

08/11/2010   |   Category: Civil Actions » Defamation   |   State: Georgia   |   #22879

Can I Tell an Employer About an Employee's Criminal History?

Let's say I have a daughter who has a history of criminal activity and drug use. She used to work for her father, a doctor, and used his DEA number to get prescriptions for people who didn't exist, and she stole money routinely for which she was arrested. Now she is in another state working for a group of doctors and I happen to go online and see that she was suspected in a the...

05/12/2010   |   Category: Civil Actions » Defamation   |   State: Connecticut   |   #22085

Can I Sue a Co-Worker for Accusing Me of a Crime Which Caused Me to Resign?

A worker filed a (false) accident report against me at work. She claimed I bumped her stomach, she was 4 months pregnant, with the back of my chair, waited 26 hours and file a workman's comp. accident report. I was sent for a drug test which proved nothing. However, the stress caused my migraines to increase and I had to take 7 days of my vacation plus another 21 days short ter...

05/10/2010   |   Category: Civil Actions » Defamation   |   State: Kentucky   |   #22061
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