Contract for Deed Legal Questions and Answers

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How Do I Sell a Mobile Home with Owner Financing?

I own a Mobile Home and am selling it and carrying contract. $10,000.00 down with monthy payments, and a co-signer. So my question is, what kind of contract do I need for this sale?

01/24/2012   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Washington   |   #25598

What Happens if a Buyer Backs Out of a Contract for Deed Sale?

I have a contract deed that's never been recorded with a ballon payment payment due I can't get financed I would like to just give the house back to seller but afraid I will be sued by seller what are my legal issuess and what can I expect if I give house back

06/08/2011   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Kansas   |   #24989

What are the Tax Consequences of a Contract for Deed?

Inherited property. Selling it contract for deed. Under $100,000.00. Don't think there should be any taxes to pay. Does this have to be reported on income tax return?

04/12/2011   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Illinois   |   #24625

Does a Buyer in Default on a Contract for Deed Have a Right to Get Back Payments Already Made?

Have been leasing a property for 15 years . Was told by the court 5 years ago that I had to purchase the property. Just was able to come up with the money, so was charged 5 years of interest. What about my 5 years of payments? Aren't i entitled to them back ?

03/14/2011   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Pennsylvania   |   #24407

How Does a Contract for Deed Work?

We are considering purchasing a home under a contract for deed. We have rented the home for the past 2 years, but can not purchase due to still having a home in Minnesota that we have been unable to sell and we are self-employed. The owners of the home are divorced and want out but there are no buyers. How does the contract for deed work in this situation? Can we negotiate ...

02/14/2011   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Illinois   |   #24218

What Do I Need to File if a Buyer on a Contract for Deed Defaults?

Last Year I sold a parcel I owned in Elko County to another party using a Contract For Deed. The buyers have defaulted and I have sent 2 Default Notices and 2 Forfeiture Notices to them by registered mail. I am now taking the property back, but wanted to know if I need to file any legal forms with the County Recorder. I already called and had the Treasurer's Office change th...

08/03/2010   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Nevada   |   #22819

Who is the Landlord When Property With a Contract for Deed is Leased by the Potential Buyer?

I am on the Board of Directors of a condominium in Va. One of our residents entered into a contract for deed with another party (buyer). The buyer now wants to rent the property (with the full knowledge of the seller). Who do we recognize as the landlord? All leases are subject to board approval.

06/23/2010   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Virginia   |   #22455

Is a Bond For Deed Like a Lease Until Title Transfers?

Is a Bond for Deed sale considered a 'rental' by a condominium association until the 'bond' changes to a 'deed'? My condo association limits rentals to 10% of units. Owners are trying to get around it by selling Bond for Deed.

02/17/2010   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Illinois   |   #21007

Should I File a Deed Before a Contract for Deed is Fully Performed?

I signed a Contract for Deed with a man December 7th, 1995. He is 3 months behind in notes, insurance cancelled, and 2 years taxes owed on the house and property (3 lots). I sent him a certified letter and a letter by mail telling him the amount of taxes he owed (2007-2008 $1,581.78), He had to have insurance at all times, and the house notes for (August, September, October wer...

01/26/2010   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Texas   |   #20642

How Does a Contract for Deed Protect a Buyer if Seller Defaults on the Mortgage?

A buyer is wanting to do Owner Financing but is concerned about protection should owner default on 1st mortgage. How do we protect each other on this item?

09/18/2009   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Georgia   |   #18692
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