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Is a Land Contract Still Enforceable if the Owner Dies?

my grandmother and i are buying a home thats owner financed. It was drawn up as we were both two single people instead of jointly. Her son has poa and possibly everything in her will. We made the deal on the house here in oklahoma where as evrything else was done in texas. Can her son get our house if she or when she dies?

09/12/2009   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Oklahoma   |   #18587

How Do I Cancel the Recording of a Contract for Deed?

How can an agreement for deed contract which never should have been submitted to the clerk for recording be removed from public records or reversed when only one of the parties of the contract is available? The 'buyer' did not complete the transaction and never bought the property but paid to have a copy of the contract recorded as if it were real, resulting in a change in the...

09/05/2009   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Florida   |   #18453

What Alternatives are There to a Contract for Deed?

I have a mortgage on my current home that still lists myself and my ex-husband on the bank loan. The home was deeded to me in the divorce. I am going to sell the home to my ex-husband, and allow him to pay the difference between the sales price and the loan balance over a period of 18 months. I will retain the deed until he has finished paying me at which time I will deed the h...

08/24/2009   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Texas   |   #18239

Are Funds From a Contract for Deed Exempt from Creditors?

I've been assigned a judgment against a debtor who sold a house CFD (MN). Is the income from that CFD exempt from collecting? Can I try to collect from the person paying the CFD? The debtor lives in Texas, the CFD home is in MN.

07/21/2009   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Minnesota   |   #17693

Where can I find a contract that protects me in assuming the loan on a home?

I am going to assume ownership of the home. I am looking for a contract to protect myself from them coming back and want their home back. I am not in a position to get financing through a bank so they are okay with this situation. Looking for a contract to take full assumption and responsibility of the home. They will not make any money off of the assumption to me. I will start...

02/06/2009   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Texas   |   #15171

How can a company be found for fraud?

I purchased a trailer and land for $46,000 contract for deed. The people from whom I purchased the property now inform me they owe a $30,000 balloon payment in April 2009. I know they are fraudulent, but I want to know if the real estate company that handled the contract is also liable for damages. The real estate company received $2,700 for their services. The people I bou...

01/07/2009   |   Category: Contract for Deed   |   State: Kentucky   |   #14942
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