Where can I find a waiver of liability for work being performed as an independant contractor?

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My Niece's boyfriend (22 years old) is a tree trimmer and has been asked several times by a client about having some kind of 'liability form' that he & the client could sign between them to have an agreement of liability for the job. He is good at doing his tree work but his client's would like some sort of form. What form does he need?
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A waiver or release gives up a right, such as releasing one from his/her liability for harm or damage that may occur from performing under a contract, or participating in an activity. Some activities are considered inherently dangerous, and those who participate in such activities may be required to sign a release form, acknowledging that they are assuming the responsibility for their voluntary participation in such activities. The release acts as an assurance to the person requesting the release that they will not be subjected to litigation resulting from the signing party's informed and consensual acts.

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