Can someone be held at an airport for a Writ of Bodily Attachment?

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The Miami-Dade family court has ordered a Writ of Bodily Attachment for a friend of mine because of a divorce case. He does not live in Florida; only his wife and son do. I want to know if he can fly into New York without being held at the airport for this court order.
06/03/2009   |   Category: Courts   |   State: Florida   |   #16857


Checks are run at airports and borders with respect to law enforcement and other national security databases. If there is a "hit", additional checks may follow. The nature of the screening procedure varies by airport. If you can give me the name of the airport, I may be able to supply further information. However, there is no way to definitively determine whether such a writ will be discovered or not, it depends on multiple factors, such as the databases accessed by a particular airport, and checks at the airport may be done on a subjective or random basis.