How is a certified record obtained when arranges were added without a hearing?

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What are the requirements for a certified record? Have certified record that has arranges entered after the fact without hearing or evidence on how they were obtained.
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It is not clear from your question what type of records are certified altough it appears it may be related to a litigation case.

A certified record of a court proceeding is meant to document the contents of a court file.
If a record reflects that additional amounts have accrued on a judgment, then those amounts may be allowed by Texas statutes.

Texas statutes provide interest on judgments:

§ 304.005. ACCRUAL OF JUDGMENT INTEREST. (a) Except as
provided by Subsection (b), postjudgment interest on a money
judgment of a court in this state accrues during the period
beginning on the date the judgment is rendered and ending on the
date the judgment is satisfied.
(b) If a case is appealed and a motion for extension of time
to file a brief is granted for a party who was a claimant at trial,
interest does not accrue for the period of extension.

If you beleive that the court modified the amount owed by the judgment incorrectly or without due process to the parties involved, it may be necessary to petition the court to clarify or modify the judgment.