Is there a way I can speak with the Judge to advise I am without an attorney and to discuss my case?

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My attorney has withdrawn from a divorce trial, citing an ongoing health issue to which I was never apprised. She had not yet questioned the defendant to disprove his claims - I'm the plaintiff. I have met with several attorneys with really egregious retainer fee quotes to continue, and it is as if I'm retaining someone for the first time. I'd like to request a conference with the judge and/or a pro se appearance when the settlement hearing reconvenes in March, 2009. I have all the documents intended for submission to the court as EXHIBITS re disproving the defendant's counterclaims, etc. and arriving at a small settlement.
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A request for a hearing may be made by a pro se party in a divorce case. A request for a hearing is made through a motion to the court. The motion will need to be served on the other party. Generally, in a divorce case, both parties have a right to attend all hearings. Communications by one party to a judge without the knowledge, presence, or consent of the other party is called an ex parte communication and such communications are not allowed.