If I get a 2nd degree felony adjudication withheld can I own a firearm after probation?

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I got a vehicular homicide 2nd degree felony charge in FL but I got adjudication withheld and I also got a downward departure so I didn't do any jail time. When I'm off probation will I be able to own a firearm?
02/19/2017   |   Category: Criminal   |   State: Florida   |   #32451


Ad adjudication withheld under Florida law after probation allows you to more or less operate as if there was no conviction since there was not one. You do not have to disclose it as a conviction on things like employment applications and you can still serve on a jury. However, under Federal Law you cannot own a firearm.  Federal Firearm law treats an adjudication withheld in Florida as a conviction. In other words, for purposes of Federal firearm law it is still a conviction.