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What Can I Do if My Landlord Assaulted Me?

My landlord knocked on my door. When i opened the door he bagan yelling at me, then forcably entered my residence and assaulted me, What charges can be filed against him?

07/18/2011   |   Category: Criminal » Assault   |   State: Tennessee   |   #25200

What is the Statute of Limitations for Assault in Virginia?

My brother-in-law drank too much during a visit to my home and threatened to physically beat me up. After I retired to my bedroom, he followed me after I had fallen asleep and poured scalding liquid on my private parts, causing second degree burns and visits to the doctor who prescribed antibioltics. The doctor agreed to sevre as witness. This occurred three years ago. Is my...

03/22/2011   |   Category: Criminal » Assault   |   State: Virginia   |   #24460

When is it a Terroristic Threat to Tell Someone You Will Kill Them?

Can someone be guilty of terrorist threat if he tells someone over the phone that IF he finds out that they did a certain task that he/she would kill them. There was never imminent danger to anyone. The two parties had been friends for over twenty years. This was the first time the party had ever even raised his/her voice at the other person. Again, there is nothing but a recor...

01/25/2011   |   Category: Criminal » Assault   |   State: Texas   |   #24074

Is Verbal Abuse Considered a Form of Assault?

Is it a crime to verbally assault another person? I believe there to be physical assault as well as verbal assault. Physically assaulting someone is a crime. Is verbally assaulting someone also a crime? If I am verbally assaulted can I beat the hell out of the person assaulting me..? That is, if I am able, in order to defend myself in the only method I know .. that is t...

12/13/2010   |   Category: Criminal » Assault   |   State: Washington   |   #23815

What Should I Do if My Son Assaulted a Student at School?

My son was cited for battery on school property (spittin gum on another) and disrupting school activities. What are we looking at and should I retain an attorney?

06/09/2010   |   Category: Criminal » Assault   |   State: California   |   #22347

What Can I Do if A Co-Worker Assults Me and Causes Me to Quit my Job?

I was physically cornered by a man at work who was angry because I walked on a dry floor that had been stripped. I was in fear for my safety and very definitely expected an imminent physical attack. I had no way of escaping the situation physically. I resigned my job due to the fact that my return to work could possibly place me in further danger. I am a 75 year old man with...

03/21/2010   |   Category: Criminal » Assault   |   State: Colorado   |   #21469

What should I Do After Being Assaulted at Work?

I work in North Carolina but reside in South Carolina. I was assaulted at work by my manager and have reported it to Human Resources of the company yet nothing has been done to rectify the situation. What are my options at this point?

06/24/2009   |   Category: Criminal » Assault   |   State: South Carolina   |   #17162

Does Assault against an EMS worker in Mississippi amount to felony

Is assaulting an EMS worker in MS a felony?

06/23/2009   |   Category: Criminal » Assault   |   State: Mississippi   |   #17152

What is the penalty for simple assault in New Jersey?

I was arrested for simple assault. I have no prior records and never been arrested before. It's the state vs. myself. Whats the worst penalty in New Jersey that I can receive?

03/20/2009   |   Category: Criminal » Assault   |   State: New Jersey   |   #15704

What is the sentencing for assault?

A women 31 years younger than my father has cleaned out my father's banking account. She comes to see my father on the first of the month to take his retirement money. My father is 76 years old and the woman is 45 years old. The women attacked me because I told her that my father will not be giving her anymore money. On April 29, 2005 the woman was sentenced and also receive...

02/27/2009   |   Category: Criminal » Assault   |   State: New Jersey   |   #15384
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