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When is a Loan Signature Considered Forgery?

Enter your question here...I got a business loan in 2005 for some equipment. It will be paid off Dec 2012. I was married at the time. Apparently my ex-husband is on the loan with me. I didn't remember this at all. I was building my office had just paid off land etc. My husband recently had a courtesy call from the company because his number was on file. When he realized he was...

02/02/2011   |   Category: Criminal » Forgery   |   State: Alabama   |   #24137

How Do I Avoid Paying a Forged Loan Without Pressing Charges?

My daughter obtained several student loans with me as the co-signer. I did not agree or give permission. I have not pressed charges because she has cancer. I have also been paying these loans. However, I'm eligible for retirement and don't believe I can pay them off. Is there any relief for me without suing her? Thank you.

11/29/2010   |   Category: Criminal » Forgery   |   State: Tennessee   |   #23725

If My Husband Forged My Name on Checks Can I Get the Money Back?

My husband and myself have been married for 14 years. I received an inheritance of 1.2 million in early 2008. The funds were placed in a joint checking account. My husband has forged my name and requested, on line transfers from this same checking account. I am divorcing him. Can I get the full amount of the inheritance back? My husband has a $200,000 a year job, and a larg...

11/21/2009   |   Category: Criminal » Forgery   |   State: Oregon   |   #19727
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