Can an adult be arrested for threatening a minor?

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My 15 yr old daughter located the ex-girlfriend of her father. She located her on the internet/myspace. She sent her an email. When the "ex" replied to my daughter, she replied in a not so nice way. At one point my daughter wrote her stating that she would tell all her friends and teacher that the "ex" abused her verbally, mentally and physically during the relationship with her father. The "ex" is now threatening my daughter with arrest for stalking. Is this really possible? My daughter was wrong in some of the things she said even though they were true, she is just venting and trying to get closure on a bad situtation. Can this woman be charged with threatening a minor?
05/13/2007   |   Category: Criminal ยป Harassment   |   State: Texas   |   #4638


Threatening a minor because she mentioned a charge of stalking? Probably not. On the other hand, an action against the daughter may be possible depending the words used in the communications and actions taken by the daughter. Daughters threats about contacting others about the ex could also prove problematic Suggest all contact cease and the matter be put to bed or problems could occur.

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