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What is Required to Prove a Criminal Trespassing Conviction in Montana?

My son and I crossed the Flathead river in a raft to reach the other side that is forest service land. We went hiking up a Mountain but we had to cross the railroad tracks to get to the mountain, we crossed back over the tracks and river a game warden was waiting and gave me a criminal trespass ticket. I did not know it was trespassing to cross the tracks, plus it was not poste...

04/05/2011   |   Category: Criminal » Pleas   |   State: Montana   |   #24572

What Does a Prosecutor Need to Prove if I Was Previously Convicted on the Same Charge?

I have previously been cited for violating a Sheridan city municipal ordinance (keeping horses less than 100' of a residence). If I violate this ordinance again and if cited again can the prosecuting attorney claim 'res-judicata' and is the burden of proof on me if I plead not guilty?

04/03/2011   |   Category: Criminal » Pleas   |   State: Wyoming   |   #24556

How Can a Defendant Lose the Right to a Plea Bargain?

My sixteen year old son had a felony hearing 04/15/10. Before it was his turn to go in front of the judge, I accidentally overheard my assigned council and the felony D.A. in their meeting before court started. I am hearing with my own ears that my assigned council is not in my sons best interest! She was angry at our family for not following her advice, and told the D.A. to do...

04/17/2010   |   Category: Criminal » Pleas   |   State: New York   |   #21817

Is a Guilty or No Contest Plea Better?

A ticket issued to a 19-year old for underage alcohol consumption is the issue. Which plea is better -- 'no-contest' or 'guilty'?

04/08/2010   |   Category: Criminal » Pleas   |   State: Wisconsin   |   #21717

What is the Difference Between a Guilty and No Contest Plea?

This is my situation: I'm a college student in Tallahassee, One night I was at a party in my apt. complex. It was getting late so i decided to leave but when i arrived at my apt. I couldn't find my keys. I walked back over to the party to go look for them. When i got back i was knocking on the front door but no one could hear me because the music was blasting inside. I decided ...

12/09/2009   |   Category: Criminal » Pleas   |   State: Florida   |   #19981

Can my son change his plea after his arraignment?

My son was charged with negligent driving for hitting a stopped vehicle because he said he was looking at his cell phone. He pleaded not guilty [against my advice]. They are now charging him with reckless operation. Can he now change his plea?

04/20/2009   |   Category: Criminal » Pleas   |   State: New Hampshire   |   #16065

What is the punishment if I plead to armed robbery?

I am charged with with armed robbery. Should I take plea? If the only evidence and witnesses for the prosecution are two co-defendants.

03/02/2009   |   Category: Criminal » Pleas   |   State: Florida   |   #15419

Should my daughter hire a criminal lawyer and use him for the A&B charge?

My daughter punched her husband after listening to him tell her how everything in their bad marriage was her fault. This happened on my property outside the house with no witnesses. He had no marks on him at all. They have been separated for a few months now. He went to the police and filed a charge of A&B and got an order of protection. She was served with a warrant for h...

01/07/2009   |   Category: Criminal » Pleas   |   State: Virginia   |   #14940

Should I ask for a conditional discharge or are there other options for a plea?

I am 18 years old driving and was driving alone. I was pulled over for not using my blinker and the police searched my car because I was nervous and hands trembling when asked for paperwork. They found under 50 grams of marijuana under passenger seat left by a friend. My summons was for possession under 50 grams. I do not do drugs. I have never been arreseted before for anythi...

11/11/2007   |   Category: Criminal » Pleas   |   State: New Jersey   |   #12032

Can you reduce rape down to statutory rape or if you was charged with rape?

Can you reduce rape down to statutory rape or if you was charged with rape?

09/27/2007   |   Category: Criminal » Pleas   |   State: Georgia   |   #9208
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