Is it statutory rape if I had sex with a 17-year-old girl believing that she is 21-year-old?

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My friend had sex with a girl whom he met at a bar. The girl had drinks after showing her ID to the bartender and my friend genuinely believed that she was more than twenty one years. But he came to know two days later that she used a fake ID and was only seventeen years old. Is there any chance for my friend to escape from statutory rape charges?
01/16/2017   |   Category: Criminal ยป Statutory Rape   |   State: California   |   #30295


In California, having sex with  a person who is less than eighteen years of age is a crime and the offender can be charged with committing statutory rape. However if the offender genuinely in good faith believed that the person he was having sex with is above eighteen years of age, this may be  raised as a defense to the charge. Your friend needs a good criminal defense attorney to help with this case.