Am I Still Liable for Debt That a Judge Awarded My Ex in Our Divorce?

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My ex-husband was awarded possession of our 2005 Ultra Classic Harley. It states in our divorce papers that he would be responsible for the loan secured by the Harley, and that I would be free of all liability concerning this loan. The judge ordered that he get a loan for the bike so that I would be removed from any liability. He never got a new loan and is now 3 months behind on payments. Harley Davidson credit is calling and harassing me. I have given them his address and phone number. They say that our divorce is a civil suit and that I am still liable for the debt. Is this true?
01/09/2007   |   Category: Debts and Credit   |   State: Indiana   |   #258


Since repayment of this loan was assigned to your ex-husband by the court, he could be in contempt of court for not refinancing the loan as ordered. From a creditor's viewpoint, a debt incurred by both spouses during the marriage or debts incurred on a joint credit card or line of credit during a separation are the responsibility of both people. The creditor does not care how a divorce judgment assigns the debt. The creditor just wants the debt repaid by the people who promised to pay when the lender made the loan.

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