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Is Spouse responsible for personal injury judgment against other Spouse?

Since Ohio is a non-community property state how would this situation be handled: man & wife but they handle their finances separately. If man gets in a horrific at fault car crash but he doesn't carry insurance & there is for example a $1MM judgement against him. Could the courts also seize the wife's assets &/or garnish her wages? Are liabilities such as a judgement treat...

01/23/2017   |   Category: Debts and Cr... » Spouses   |   State: Ohio   |   #30870

Am I liable for late husbands credit card balances even though I was not a co-signer?

My husband suddenly took ill and passed away last month. He did not have a living will or Trust set up. He did not own any property. He did have a Life Insurance policy for which I am the beneficiary. He had a small savings account under his name and owned a vehicle. He has outstanding balance on some credit cards that need to be paid. He was the primary card holder on these ac...

05/23/2007   |   Category: Debts and Cr... » Spouses   |   State: California   |   #5762
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