Clerks files a Notice of Dismissal for want of prosecution in divorce but I am getting married soon.

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clerks notice for dismissal for want of prosecution.... I filed for divorce 2 yrs ago it was non contested with my attorney. I never received notice to appear in court. i am getting married in less than 50 days. What do I need to do
04/22/2017   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Washington   |   #36117


If the case is being dismissed for want of prosecution which means no action has been taken within a reasonable amount of time you might be able to file a Motion to Reinstate or set aside the Dismissal and then have the divorce granted. Of course you cannot marry until the divorce is final. if the Notice of Dismissal for Want of Prosecution is not final contact the clerk or your attorney to make sure it does not become final. However, it may already be final.