I do not know where my husband is so how do I file for divorce?

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I do not know where my husband is so how do I file for divorce?
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See the following website for a summary of divorce law in Oklahoma.


The name of the action initiating the divorce is the Petition for Divorce. A summons and a copy of the petition must be served on your husband as follows:

By delivering a copy of the summons and of the petition personally or by leaving copies thereof at the person's dwelling house or usual place of abode with some person then residing therein who is fifteen (15) years of age or older.

If a husband has left the state, an Oklahoma court may still exercise jurisdiction over him, even if he is not a resident of Oklahoma if he lived within Oklahoma in a marital or parental relationship, or both. However, this jurisdiction extends only to obligations for alimony and child support where the other party to the marital relationship (e.g., the wife) continues to reside in Oklahoma. The husband may be served outside of the state by any method that is authorized by the statutes of Oklahoma.

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