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How Can I Divorce a Spouse Who Is In Another Country?

I have a spouse that I have been seperated from since 2005. She took my son and went back to Japan. I don't have any contact with her. Can I still get a divorce without her signing the paper. I just need to know what do I need to do and all the steps to get a divorce. Can you help me please

05/02/2011   |   Category: Divorce » International   |   State: North Carolina   |   #24765

How Do I Divorce Someone I Married in Canada if I Live in the US?

I married a Canadian citizen in Canada in '07. She lived here but would return to Canada 3-4 times per year @ 4-6 wks per visit. She did not get green care or ID number and never applied. She left for good in June, '10 and I want to divorce her. I live in VA. What does the process entail?

04/04/2011   |   Category: Divorce » International   |   State: Virginia   |   #24567

Do I Need to Prove a Canadian Divorce to Get Married in the United States?

I was married in pakistan and got divorced in Canada as my ex wife is living in canada. I was never registered here in USA. Now I am getting married in Newnan, GA as my fiance's sister lives there.We both are physician and working in VA. What would I need to obtain a marriage license in georgia. As my ex wife was here for a very short period of time and never lived here for mor...

09/08/2009   |   Category: Divorce » International   |   State: Virginia   |   #18517

What are my option when my wife has taken our child out of the country?

I am a Pakistani Citizen who lived in the US for 6 years (between 1999-2007) before moving to the UK . My wife (a Pakistani Citizen), whom I married in 2003 while in Pakistan and under Pakistani law, lived with me in the US from 2005-2007. We had a daughter born in California (a US citizen by birth) in 2006. After we moved to the UK, my wife and I developed some differences an...

04/27/2009   |   Category: Divorce » International   |   State: ALL   |   #16205

How do I divorce my wife if I am in a different country?

I am living in China as an expatriate. I am on assignment for my job that will last for two years; I have been here for six months. My wife and son (11) are living in Nampa, Idaho. I want to divorce my wife. Are there any special considerations due to my circumstances?

01/29/2009   |   Category: Divorce » International   |   State: Idaho   |   #15095
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