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Will one spouse be liable for the debts incurred by the other spouse before marriage at the time of property division during divorce?

I own a separate property in California. After marriage, it became part of the marital property. We are dividing the property as we are getting divorced. I had incurred some debts before I got married which still exists. Will my wife be liable to pay my debts?

11/24/2016   |   Category: Divorce » Property Set...   |   State: California   |   #27126

Can I recover or claim compensation from my wife’s property while filing for divorce, for the expenses I incurred for the family utilizing my assets, despite having a premarital agreement that treats our property separate post marriage?

I never thought that my marriage would come to an abrupt end. We were married for almost 14 years and we were in our mid-30s when we got married. Both of us were married once before and had a kid each from those. We knew what entails a divorce. Therefore, we made a prenuptial agreement which stated that each of us would keep our earnings and property separate even during the ma...

11/24/2016   |   Category: Divorce » Property Set...   |   State: Illinois   |   #27125

Can a house that was inherited by a spouse be claimed by the other in case of a divorce in Illinois?

My family had built that house about a century ago in Northbrook, Illinois. I, being the sole heir of the family, inherited it from my dad. I got married when I was 21 to my high school sweetheart. Everything was picture perfect up until the time I found her cheating on me with my best friend. I filed for a divorce. She is planning to claim a part of the house for herself to to...

11/24/2016   |   Category: Divorce » Property Set...   |   State: Illinois   |   #27123

Do we have any other option of settling the claim over a marital home other than selling the house?

My wife and I are getting a divorce. We were married for over 6 years. We both think that we rushed into the marriage without thinking it through. Both of us are practicing physicians in Springfield and have tie ups with quite a few hospitals in the city. We had bought a house together putting in an equal share of the money. When divorce came into the picture, both of us agreed...

11/24/2016   |   Category: Divorce » Property Set...   |   State: Illinois   |   #27122

What Happens to Community Property When You Relocate and How is it Taxed?

MN couple originally came from CA with some community property. Does property acquired in CA as community stay as community in MN for estate tax purposes when she dies? does MN property acquired with community funds stay community even though MN is not a community property state?

04/06/2014   |   Category: Divorce » Property Set...   |   State: Minnesota   |   #25741

How Can I Make a Former Spouse Pay a Credit Card Debt?

I was awarded the credit card and debt during the mediation agreement, prior to being awarded the CC my ex-wife charged her legal fees to the card. In the divorce decree it states that both parties are responisible for their own legal fees. She did not and has not made any payments to the credit card for two months prior to the mediation agreement. Do I have legal standing to r...

04/04/2011   |   Category: Divorce » Property Set...   |   State: Texas   |   #24560

How Does Remarriage Affect a QDRO?

I have been divorced from my ex for the last 15 years, and she remarried 5years ago and she is still getting half of my Postal Pension to this day. Between her and her husband, they make a combined salary in excess of $100,00.00 a year and they also own 6 duplexes and at least 4 plots of land. Do i have a leg to stand on when i try to stop her from getting any monies from the P...

02/23/2011   |   Category: Divorce » Property Set...   |   State: Florida   |   #24288

Am I Entitled to Half My Husband's Business if We Divorce?

My husband and I do not have a legal separation or divorce. However, he resides in California and I in Arizona. If he starts a business in California, am I entitled to half? He still uses our home address to file taxes, etc.

01/30/2010   |   Category: Divorce » Property Set...   |   State: California   |   #20701

Can My Ex-Husband Make Remove Me From the Deed to Refinance the Property?

My ex-husband is living in the community home and wants to refinance it in order to pay miscellaneous bills. Ultimately he wants to take my name off the loan; although, he still owes me $50K in equity. However, he cannot afford to pay me $50K until the appraised value goes back up. How should I request or have Deeds worded to protect my equity if something should happen or ...

01/30/2010   |   Category: Divorce » Property Set...   |   State: California   |   #20699

Can I Prevent My Spouse From Entering My Home After She Left Me?

I'm married, but my wife moved out of our home to an apartment and changed her address at the post office. I am the loan holder, but we are both on the deed. I don't want her just showing up or having access to our home anymore. She thinks she can and that I cannot change the locks and so on and she can sell it without me. I am in the process of buying her out and having he...

06/29/2009   |   Category: Divorce » Property Set...   |   State: Virginia   |   #17248
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