I had heart attack 8 months ago and can do light work but my employer wants me to be fully released.

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I had heart attack 8 months ago I have a letter for me from my doctor stating I'm able to go back to work on light duty no heavy lifting I went to back to work on Monday the six a February work 10 hours that day delivering tires. Now Wednesday my job tells me that I can't come back to work until I get a letter from my doctor releasing me completely what should I do. now my heart attack happened at work I didn't mention it at work all I mentioned was I was having chest pains when that was happen in the next day I went to thensure hospital they told me I was having a heart attack now my job tells me they don't have light duty for me what to do
03/08/2017   |   Category: Employment   |   State: New Jersey   |   #33590


It sounds like the employer is not wanting to let you continue to work for whatever reason.  Since you can be dismissed with or without cause absence unlawful discrimination, it may be hard to address. 

However, under the Americans with Disabilities Act a heart condition may entitle you to reasonable accommodations and if not the employer may be liable under the act.  Not every heart condition qualifies so you would need to get that determined. Light work until you are fully recovered seems to be a reasonable accommodation.

see https://askjan.org/media/downloads/HeartA&CSeries.pdf and http://askjan.org/media/Heart.html