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Can I Get Unemployment Benefits if I Quit to Find a Higher Paying Job?

My employer told me (in interview and throughout the employment) I would receive, in addition to an hourly wage, a 'nice check' every six months based on the profits of the company. The first 'six month' check was terrific, the second one was, I was told at the time, based on my performance, which apparently had not been to their liking. My employer told me one thing during t...

08/30/2011   |   Category: Employment » Benefits   |   State: Florida   |   #25427

I was terminated without cause but they said I quit so I was denied unemployment, what can I do?

My question is... I am totally confused about how everything went down the day I was let go from my job. The only way you will understand what I am talking about is if I explain everything in detail about the day I was let go from my job. I used to work for a company and I was a driver who delivered portable storage units to customers homes. On June 15, 2011 I went into work l...

08/18/2011   |   Category: Employment » Benefits   |   State: Pennsylvania   |   #25363

I It Illegal to Give an Employee Extra Paid Vacation for Good Performance?

Is it illegal to offer extra paid vacation time for an above average worker at the time of their performance review?

08/10/2011   |   Category: Employment » Benefits   |   State: California   |   #25309

What remedies are available when former employer fails to distribute 401K or profit sharing?

Enter your question here...I was terminated from my job on Jan 28, 2011. A couple months later I requested my profit sharing be distributed to me( I am 100% vested). I was going to keep my 401 with the company for a while but needed some funds to help with bills. I was told I had to take both according to their rules. So then I requested a partial distribution of the 401k and t...

05/13/2011   |   Category: Employment » Benefits   |   State: Ohio   |   #24826

Is Hazard Pay Required By Law in Massachusetts?

Is hazard pay required in Massachusetts? Particularly with body fluid and human waste clean up.

05/03/2011   |   Category: Employment » Benefits   |   State: Massachusetts   |   #24768

Does Compensatory Time Ever Expire?

Does employee compensatory time ever expire; i.e. retro 10-15 years back.

04/12/2011   |   Category: Employment » Benefits   |   State: Illinois   |   #24620

Can I Purchase a Home and Still Receive Per Diem Pay?

I am a nuclear worker and travel to different plants. I am in Florida now and would like to purchase a condo. would I lose my per diem? also, can i own but put in another name to make it legal?

12/20/2010   |   Category: Employment » Benefits   |   State: Florida   |   #23852

Does a Registered Nurse have to Receive Overtime Pay?

Explain law in reference to Registered Nurse paid hourly. Employer just changed overtime to comp time permitting only one hour comp for one hour worked. No comp time and 1/2 is permitted.

11/27/2010   |   Category: Employment » Benefits   |   State: Georgia   |   #23708

How Do I Recover Vacation Pay and Bonuses After I am Laid Off?

My company laid me off they have not paid me my vacation and bonuses. The next pay period has come and gone. What is the next step? They also took a rent deduction out,after I moved off site and will not refund this either.

10/13/2010   |   Category: Employment » Benefits   |   State: Texas   |   #23386

When Is an Employer Based in Nevada Required to Have Worker's Compensation Insurance?

I work for a company that is based out of Nevada. They lease property in Arizona. Is it legal for them to pay workmen's comp in Arizona even thou we work in Nevada?

05/18/2010   |   Category: Employment » Benefits   |   State: Nevada   |   #22154
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