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Can a potential employer ask to see my drivers license in a job interview?

Can a potential employer ask to see my drivers license before an interview.

10/29/2016   |   Category: Employment » Discrimination   |   State: Indiana   |   #25853

Can A Doctor Refuse to Treat Someone With HIV?

I have recently been denied services from two chiropractors. I had started treatment, and was scheduled for 24 visits in the future. Then they realized that I put on office the forms that I was HIV positive. They said many horrible comments to me then dismissed me. The doctors never relieved my pain now I understand why. I am ready to give more explicit details regarding this...

05/25/2011   |   Category: Employment » Discrimination   |   State: Tennessee   |   #24900

Does an Employee Have Any Recourse Against Threats By a Manager?

Recently I received a very harsh email from a member of my company's senior management. This email was offensive in nature due to the language and context, I felt as if I was berated, chastised, and stereotyped in a negative manner. Additionally, there were several perceived threatening references, which given the highly negative nature of the email itself, I concluded that my ...

04/30/2011   |   Category: Employment » Discrimination   |   State: Georgia   |   #24756

Does the Equal Pay Act Apply to Employees at Different Locations?

This has to do with an establishment (hospital) in the state of TX. If a hospital has two eye clinics (one clinic is in 1 city that is a few miles away from that hospital's second clinic). Under the equal pay act of 1963, are the two clinics under the same establishment if looking at the disparity in employee pay in one clinic versus the other clinic--both doing the same wo...

04/26/2011   |   Category: Employment » Discrimination   |   State: Virginia   |   #24725

Is an Employer Required to Have an Affirmative Action Policy?

A coworker claims that I got up out of my seat during a meeting and yelled in her face. The three others there and I all say that I did not. She filed a complaint with the affirmative action officer who has made recommendations that I not speak to her again this year. I feel that this paints me as guilty even though she says that her findings are inconclusive. Also, my district...

03/20/2011   |   Category: Employment » Discrimination   |   State: New Jersey   |   #24449

Can My Job Description Be Changed For Going to Alcohol Treatment?

I went to my company and told them I had a drug problem and wanted to get help. I was put on FMLA and went to rehabilitation. I was allowed to return to work after one month of rehab. I am in sales and commissions are paid to me based on sales in my territory. When I did return to work, the Sales Mgr. changed my territory and took me off of accounts that spent many dollars ...

01/04/2011   |   Category: Employment » Discrimination   |   State: Indiana   |   #23938

How Does a Federal Employee File a Discrimination Complaint?

I'm a USPS University employee that has received an prejudicial & unfair annual evaluation this week. My supervisor has accused me of several infractions that I have no knowledge of, however the blame has been placed on me anyway. This has all been written on my evaluation deeming me an inept, horrible & untrustworthy employee! Just last year I had a remarkable evaluation. Ano...

09/25/2010   |   Category: Employment » Discrimination   |   State: Florida   |   #23256

Can We Change Employment Terms After an Employee Goes on Disability?

Resident manager receiving salary of $33,280.00 a year PLUS significant discount on her rent. Employee will be on disability due to surgery for 3 months.At what point do we start to charge her full rent if she no longer be working or on disability?

08/25/2010   |   Category: Employment » Discrimination   |   State: California   |   #23015

Can an Employer Lay Older Workers Off for Budget Reasons?

Over the past five years, under any excuse, KOB-TV in Albuquerque, New Mexico, owned by Hubbard Broadcast of Minneapolis, Minn. has targeted and laid off senior employees over the age of 50 years. Those layoffs were meant as budget savings(higher salaries and retirement benefits) that went as percentage rewards to top management. Do we have any recourse?

08/03/2010   |   Category: Employment » Discrimination   |   State: New Mexico   |   #22822

How Do I Prove Age Discrimination as a Temporary Employee for Five Years?

I'm 64 years old and i've been working in a company for 5 years as temporary employee i think i'm being discreminate for my age.give me advice

07/01/2010   |   Category: Employment » Discrimination   |   State: Florida   |   #22531
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