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Utah divorce with premarital agreement : (1) " they have carefully read this Agreement and fully understand", how to classified this is the truth, in fact that I was not given the chance to read the agreement nor I received any copy after I signed it. (2) How to explain " Each party shall make, execute, acknowledge and deliver to the other party from time to time, such documents as may be necessary or appropriate to release any rights which either party might have in the other party's Separate Property as to enable the other party to make transfer or other disposition of her or his Separate Property as she or he may from time to time desire.
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(1) This will be a matter of giving testimony and other evidence to prove whether the agreement was made knowingly and voluntarily or not.

(2) This deals with agreeing to sign and submit any required paperwork to enable a person to keep their separate property free from the claims of the other party.