How do I file complaints against the Judge and Attorney in my divorce case?

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I, as the respondent, recently went through a divorce and was not awarded one thing. My wealthy husband told me that he paid everyone off including the judge, and the attorney that drew up our settlement agreement. I can prove that the agreement was modified after I signed it. I am filling complaints with the state bar but I need help and have no money.
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As to judicial misconduct, consult the following website:

The State Bar of Arizona has authority to investigate the following types of offenses:

A lawyer does not do what he or she has promised or does not do it in a timely way.

A lawyer continually fails to respond to inquiries about the case, to tell you about court dates or to appear in court.

A lawyer lies or advises you or someone else to lie in the course of a case.

A lawyer represents you as well as another person whose interests conflict with yours.

A lawyer will not give you money he or she is holding on your behalf or will not give you a full written accounting.

To begin the discipline process, charges must be sent to the State Bar in writing. The website of the State Bar of Arizona is located at:

Bribing a public official, including a judge or a lawyer, is a crime. Bribery is the act of giving something of value (e.g., money) to a particular person to influence that person's judgment in favor of the person making the bribe. Bribery of a public official is one of the most common examples of bribery. Both the giver and the receiver of the bribe are guilty of the crime. Also, in some states, merely soliciting a bribe can be a crime. The crime of bribery is complete when the bribe has been received, and it makes no difference whether or not the person paying the bribe obtains what he bargained for.