What rights do tenants have if being harrassed by management and maintenance personnel?

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What legal remedies are available under Maryland law when tenants of a mobile home park are harassed on a daily basis by so called management/maintenance personal residing in the mobile home park?
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This depends in part of what type of harassment. Anyone that faces any kind of harassment from their landlord should draft and send a letter requesting that the landlord further cease from disturbing tenant’s quiet enjoyment of the premises. Quiet enjoyment refers to the right of an occupant of real property, particularly of a residence, to enjoy and use premises in peace and without interference. Quiet enjoyment is generally an implied condition in a lease.

Such a letter could take the following form:
This letter is to provide you with legal notice that I consider your conduct toward me to constitute harassment. Specific incidents of conduct include: (describe specifics). This conduct interferes with my quiet enjoyment of the leasehold, and constitutes unlawful harassment. You are hereby warned to cease and desist in this conduct. I reserve all legal rights and remedies in connection with these, or future incidents.

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