In California, how can a bride who is a physician use her maiden name for licensing?

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I am getting married this year. I am also currently a Physician. I would like to keep my Maiden Name for Professional use only (License, DEA, Medicare, NPI# would remain my maiden name.) I would like to otherwise take my husband's surname. (Paychecks, SSN, Social events, Health care Benefits, etc.) How do I go about this? Is this an unreasonable request or even possible? If possible, where do I begin?
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Normally, a new bride who intends to take her husband's surname as her new legal surname, does so on the marriage certificate. Then she can take that marriage certificate to the bank, IRS, social security office, etc. as proof of her name change.

If there are instances where the bride would like to maintain the maiden surname such as for a professional license, it would be recommended that she approach the licensing agency for their specific procedures. It is fairly common and often can be done informally. The licensing authority may require that the bride's registration be listed as an "AKA" showing both her married name and maiden name.