Is a marriage valid if it is solemnized by a person who has no authority?

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Our marriage was solemnized by a traditional religious practitioner. But later we found that he had no authority and his master had the authority to solemnize our marriage. Is the solemnization of our marriage valid?
03/01/2017   |   Category: Marriage   |   State: Utah   |   #33094


Yes, your marriage is valid. Since your marriage was solemnized by the practitioner in your belief that he had the authority to solemnize your marriage and you have been lawfully married, it will not be invalidated for lack of authority. The validity of a marriage solemnized before an unauthorized person in Utah is covered in Utah Code Ann. § 30-1-5 which reads:
“(1) A marriage solemnized before a person professing to have authority to perform marriages may not be invalidated for lack of authority, if consummated in the belief of the parties or either of them that the person had authority and that they have been lawfully married.