What are the subjects in a premarital course?

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I’m gonna get myself enrolled in a premarital course soon. What all subjects do they have in that course? I live in West Virginia.
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There are a few subjects or classes that you might be attending if you enroll in a premarital course. You may have classes on conflict management, communication skills, managing finances, child and parenting responsibilities, extended family roles and key components of a successful marriage.

W. Va. Code § 48-2-701says:

“Premarital education encouraged; requirements.
(a) Persons applying for a marriage license may attend a premarital education course of at least four hours during the twelve months immediately preceding the date of the application for the license.
(b) A premarital education course offers instruction involving marital issues which may include, but not be limited to, the following:
     (1) Conflict management;
     (2) Communication skills;
     (3) Managing finances;
     (4) Child and parenting responsibilities;
     (5) Extended family roles; and
     (6) Key components of a successful marriage.”