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How Does a Doctor Waive Copays Without Being Charged with Fraud?

Recently found out that the waiving of co payment and deductible for State benefit plan, (not Medicare or Medicade),S. coporation, one employee for out patient mental health., out of net work no contracts signed is: considered to be Fraud and potential violation of the medicare and medicaid Anti-Kick back law. I had no idea. The insurance co,m that just recently was contracted ...

09/08/2009   |   Category: Medicaid   |   State: New Jersey   |   #18477

What Can I Do If I Can not Afford a Nursing Home for a Parent?

We recently sold our home Oct. 08 to add on to mothers house and move in with her. We paid her house off July 08 and thought we were helping. I am an only child and my wife cares for my mom. Now my mom needs full time care. She has had a stroke dec 08 and partial hip replacement march 09. She requires more help than my wife can give her. My wife quit her job in Oct. 08 to take...

07/27/2009   |   Category: Medicaid   |   State: Texas   |   #17827

How Do I Establish a Medicaid Income Trust?

This question is regarding medicaid income trusts. Are these trusts normally irrevocable? Is the grantor's social security number allowed to be used when setting up a bank account in the name of the medicaid income trust? Is this also known as a supplemental needs trust? What liability does the bank have if accepting the medicaid income trust to set up a trust account? Would t...

07/05/2009   |   Category: Medicaid   |   State: Florida   |   #17337

What is a Medicaid Income Trust?

Someone told me I should put my money separate from my 2nd husband's money into a Medicaid 'Safe' Trust, since he has 3 serious illnesses. What is that and is it legal?

07/02/2009   |   Category: Medicaid   |   State: Michigan   |   #17317

Can False Codes Be Used to Submit a Medicare Claim?

Can a DME company submit diagnosis to medicare for payment for orthotic splints by using diagnosis codes that medicare will pay for instead of the diagnosis submitted by therapists?

06/27/2009   |   Category: Medicaid   |   State: Florida   |   #17218

What should we do with my father's assets before applying for government assistance programs?

My father-in-law lives in Mississippi. He is wanting to deed all of his assets and property into a family trust. His main two goals are:1. To protect his estate for his three adult children (with his oldest daughter as trustee) 2. Have all of his assets out of his name in the event he becomes ill (he is 87 years old) so he may qualify for Medicaid benefits later in his life....

06/08/2009   |   Category: Medicaid   |   State: Alabama   |   #16909

How would I transfer property to my children but still collect rental income from it?

I would like to make out a form for the 5 year period so that they cannot take my property in case I become ill. However, I want the right to get the income from the property until I become disabled. I need to put my property in my kids name, so, how do I do this? Also, I had a tenant that left me with a large bill and need to get my money from her; so, how can I get a garnishm...

06/04/2009   |   Category: Medicaid   |   State: Nebraska   |   #16863

Which trust is required for asset protection, specifically protection from long-term care costs?

Which trust is required for asset protection, specifically protection from long-term care costs? Can a married individual be the sole trust maker of this trust? Is there any condition under which this trust may become revocable?

05/19/2009   |   Category: Medicaid   |   State: Massachusetts   |   #16713

Can the state deny Medicaid to a mentally retarded adult who is receiving SSI only?

Mentally retarded adult receiving SSI now denied medicaid due to receiving deceased father's benefit amount, thus an increase over his SSI benefit. Increase started in 2001. Now receives a total $1109 monthly. Can MO deny medicaid? Basis?

04/20/2009   |   Category: Medicaid   |   State: Missouri   |   #16053

What deed is needed to transfer ownership of my home to my two children?

My husband and I own our home outright. I want to put the house in my two children's names. My son and married daughter. Is this possible with a quitclaim deed or is a warranty deed better? If I need to ever go to a nursing home, I do not want them to take my home for payment that is why I prefer giving it to my children now before I get older. With any of these Deeds, would ...

04/18/2009   |   Category: Medicaid   |   State: Florida   |   #16040
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