What can I do with my child whom I have filed unruly charges against?

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I have filed un-ruly charges on my 14 year old son. This is the second time. The first time we just met with a mediator of the court and nothing was imposed. If again nothing is done as a parent what rights do I have? There is not physical abuse involved. He is un-ruly, disrespectul, very verbally abusive, does not follow the rules at home, has other minors in my home while I am at work, is gone during the day (was kicked out of school). As a parent what are my rights? I am sure he is engaging in sexual behavior due to the emails and me looking at his text messages and the video I saw on his phone. Should I have gotten an attorney?
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Parents must provide their children with necessary food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. They also must provide supervision, discipline, and protection as well as support and education according to what they can afford. They cannot desert or abandon a child.

However, if a child is uncontrollable, a parent may ask the juvenile court system to assume responsibility over the child. A court may decide that such a child is in need of supervision, and the parent may be referred to the appropriate juvenile program. Once the court does this, the court will have authority over the child and can decide where the child will live and what the child will do from day to day.

Parents can also apply to have an uncontrollable child emancipated as an incorrigible if he/she becomes a discipline problem and the parent does not want to be held responsible for the childs behavior.

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