If a minor child gets pregnant does that automatically emancipate them?

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We have a 15 year old daughter who got pregnant by a 23 year old man. She just turned 16 a few days ago and is 4 months pregnant. We are in the process of trying to prosecute him, however he has fled the state and at that time he took our daughter with him to another state. After a month the authorities found her and I flew to pick her up and bring her home. He was not with her when she was found, but soon after he turned himself in due to outstanding warrants he has there in that state. The detective says he will be there for 90 days for those charges and after he receives the picture of our daughter he will press charges for kidnapping and statatory rape. My question is when she delivers her baby what are her rights? Will she be automatically be emancipated through the laws due to being a parent at 16? And what rights does this guy have to this child due to his age and the circumstances?
05/22/2007   |   Category: Minors   |   State: Florida   |   #5527


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