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Can I sue a tattoo artist for performing tattooing on my minor son’s body without my consent?

My son is only 15 years. He is very crazy about tattooing his body. He is asking my consent for that. But, I have not consented yet. I found that he and his friends went to a tattoo parlor and one of his friends informed me that they are planning to do it secretly. Thereafter, I warned the tattoo artist not to perform it without my consent. However, the tattoo artist told me th...

06/23/2017   |   Category: Minors » Body Art   |   State: Idaho   |   #40600

Can a tattoo artist tatoo my minor child without my consent?

I am a licensed freelance tattoo artist in Hawaii. I performed tattoo works on a minor a year ago. His parents signed the consent letter too. However, it was lost. Am I punishable for this?

06/23/2017   |   Category: Minors » Body Art   |   State: Hawaii   |   #40599

Is parent's consent necessary to tattoo or pierce a minor his body in Georgia

My brother wants to do body piercing and tattooing on his body. He is only 15 years and I suspect he has some mental disorders because he says he wanna make tattoo his whole face. Is it legal to do tattooing and body piercing in Georgia? He is asking our parents for their consent. I donno whether they will agree or not. However, I want to know whether parent’s consent is essent...

06/23/2017   |   Category: Minors » Body Art   |   State: Georgia   |   #40598

Is a tattoo artist who tattoos a minor who presented a fake age proof punishable?

I am a licensed tattoo artist and the owner and sole operator of a tattoo parlor in Florida. Last week, I performed tattooing on a guy who came to my parlor for tattooing her hand and shoulders. He showed me his id proof that stated he turned 21 years. The next day, his friend came and asked me to tattoo his hands too. I asked his age, he was only 17 years. I told him to come u...

06/23/2017   |   Category: Minors » Body Art   |   State: Florida   |   #40597

Whether a minor is allowed body art like tatoo in New Hampshire?

My 16 year old son wants to do tattoo to get a new style and wants to pierce his ear too. Can he do it? Whether there is any law in New Hampshire regarding this?

06/23/2017   |   Category: Minors » Body Art   |   State: New Hampshire   |   #40596

Can a minor get a tattoo in New Jersey without a parent's consent?

Yesterday my neighbor's 16 year old girl had asked me to do tattooing for her as I am a trained tattooist. But I hesitated to do, she insists. Is there any restriction in New Jersey in tattooing a minor?

06/23/2017   |   Category: Minors » Body Art   |   State: New Jersey   |   #40595

Can a minor get a body piercing in New York without consent of the parents?

I am a body piercing professional and employing in a piercing studio in New York. My sister’s 13 year old daughter had asked me to pierce her ears. Can I do piercing for her?

06/23/2017   |   Category: Minors » Body Art   |   State: New York   |   #40594

Can a minor get a tatoo or other body art in North Dakota without parental consent?

I want to brand a design on my left leg just below the knee. I am 16 years and my parents are not agreeing with this, so I went alone to a body art studio in North Dakota. There the tattoo professional asked me to get parental approval, otherwise it is an offense. Unless I get the permission he said he won’t perform body art for me. Is it an offense if I do it without consent?

06/23/2017   |   Category: Minors » Body Art   |   State: North Dakota   |   #40593

How can a minor get consent to perform ear piercing with gun in Ohio?

My 14 year old daughter wants to do ear piercing with an ear piercing gun. We are residents of Ohio and I would like to give her the consent to perform piercing. How can I give her the consent? What is the procedure?

06/23/2017   |   Category: Minors » Body Art   |   State: Ohio   |   #40592

Can a minor get body art in Oklahoma without consent?

We want to look different for the coming school day events. So my friend put forward an idea to perform certain body arts. We approached a tattooist for body piercing and tattoo. But he denied our requirement, saying that as we are only 15 years we need our parents’ permission for the procedure. We reside in Oklahoma and how can we push on to do the body art?

06/23/2017   |   Category: Minors » Body Art   |   State: Oklahoma   |   #40591
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