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Can grandparents claim visitation rights in Wisconsin?

We reside in Wisconsin. Our son has a 2-year-old non-marital child. The child is with a caregiver. We would like to have visitation of our grandchild. Is it possible for us to get special visitation rights in Wisconsin?

01/18/2017   |   Category: Minors » Grandparent ...   |   State: Wisconsin   |   #30504

I have a strong affection to my granddaughter. Can I visit her?

I am the paternal grandfather of a 6-year-old granddaughter. We all were residing together in Kentucky. Due to the alcoholism of my son I ousted him and his wife from my house. I have a strong affection to my granddaughter. Her parents are not allowing me to visit her. Am I entitled to have visitation with my granddaughter?

01/05/2017   |   Category: Minors » Grandparent ...   |   State: Kentucky   |   #29519
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