Do I need to change my Name on the Deed after having a name change?

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My husband & I have two deeds held in joint tenancy. In 1998, I had my name legally changed in my county probate court. My name on the deeds themselves, however, was not changed. A local attorney here said I would not need to do new deeds. Rather, that I might want to 'get a certified copy of the Certificate of Name Change and record it in the Registry of Deeds to put the world on notice of the legal name change'. If I don't actually obtain new deeds, will this complicate things for our alternate beneficiaries when my husband & I have both died?
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Recording a copy of the certificate of name change may be a suggested method to save paperwork and fees associated with filing a new deed. This may be a matter of recognized procedure or practice that varies by county. Some counties recognize this procedure, while others require a new deed when an individual changes his or her name. In counties that accept this practice, the filing of a new deed will not necessarily offer any further protection. Some counties do not require that anything be done to deeds when a person changes his or her name. In those counties, reference to the name change will be made during the sale of the property or in the event of the death of one or both joint tenants by the representative of the estate through the probate court.

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