How do I change the name of my 13 year old daughter if her Father is deceased?

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My 13 year old daughter has known another man as her father since she was 12 months old. She met her biological father in 2016 for the first time he was died in a car accident a few months later. She has always had her biological fathers last name but has been asking to change her last name way before she met her biological father. She continues to ask and both I and her father agree along with her to have her last name changed. Can this be done and if so how do we get started?
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Yes, a name change can be done with your signature. You can contact the court clerk to see if there is a self-help package, hire an attorney or get other assistance.  See

We would also mention that is her Father's death was the cause of the negligence of another person and a civil or wrongful death action was filed or exists, your Daughter may an interest in the suit.