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My wife is pregnant and says I will be the Father even though we are not together. Help.

My wife is having a kid by her B.f and I'm being told that I'll be on the bc and have to pay child support we haven't been together in over 3 years I need help

12/27/2016   |   Category: Paternity » Married Woman   |   State: Ohio   |   #28888

Married woman had affair and got pregnant. 10 years later the Father wants rights. Help.

I had an affair and got pregnant. I got back with my husband shortly thereafter. My husband is on the birth certificate. Now ten and a half years later the man I had the affair with wants rights to the child. Does he have any? If so what are they?

12/23/2016   |   Category: Paternity » Married Woman   |   State: Kentucky   |   #28654
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