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Can a minor acknowledge the paternity of his child in Michigan?

I am 17 years old and I live in Michigan. I had a relationship with a girl of the same age. Somehow it didn’t work out and we got separated. Later I came to know that she is pregnant. I would like to acknowledge the paternity of the child. Is there any issue to acknowledge the paternity as I am a minor?

12/26/2016   |   Category: Paternity » Minor as Par...   |   State: Michigan   |   #28802

My 16 year old is Father of a Child of a 16 year old Mother. What rights do the Mother's Parents have to keep the child from the Father?

My 16 Year old son and his 16 year old girl friend has a daughter that is a little over a month old. While at hospital after birth of baby he filled out paper work/birth certificate and I was latter told he was not on the birth certificate because the hospital was requiring a DNA test to make sure he was the father and he has no doubts. Latter after baby is home the Mother of t...

11/23/2016   |   Category: Paternity » Minor as Par...   |   State: West Virginia   |   #27048
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