Does an adult child legally responsible to support his parents who have no means to live?

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I am a businessman in Maryland. My aged parents have no means to live. Am I legally responsible for my parent’s support?
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In Maryland, a parent who has no means to live is considered as a destitute parent. An adult child, who has sufficient means, is obliged to support a destitute parent with food, care, shelter, and clothing.
Per Md. FAMILY LAW Code Ann. § 13-101:
(c) Destitute parent. -- "Destitute parent" means a parent who:
   (1) has no means of subsistence; and
   (2) cannot be self-supporting, due to old age or mental or physical infirmity.”
Md. FAMILY LAW Code Ann. § 13-102 reads as:
  “(a) Duty to support destitute parent. -- If a destitute parent is in this State and has an adult child who has or is able to earn sufficient means, the adult child may not neglect or refuse to provide the destitute parent with food, shelter, care, and clothing.