What form is needed to Relinquishment of Parental Rights in Oklahoma?

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I have custody of our children, and my ex-husband would like to completely relinquish all his rights to them. I need the proper forms to satisfy the court. There is no disagreement about what is best for the children, we just need the forms.
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A parent may also have rights terminated, either by voluntary relinquishment or judicial termination. A judicial termination requires proof that the parent isdunfit and/or poses a threat of harm to the child. A termination of parental rights voids any rights and obligations toward the child. The parent will no longer have rights to custody or visitation and will no longer owe a duty of support. However, it is possible that back support owed may still be collected.

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The following is an OK statute:

§ 10-17. Relinquishment of Rights By Parent.

The parent, whether solvent or insolvent, may relinquish to the child
the right of controlling him and receiving his earnings. Abandonment by
the parent is presumptive evidence of such relinquishment.

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