Can I resign as Power of Attorney for my mother?

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A few years ago I was appointed a power of attorney for both health and property for my mother, but would now like to resign as power of attorney and turn it over to my sister, who is listed on the power of attorney document as the alternate power of attorney. To resign, must I do it in writing or can it be done verbally? If I need to do so in writing to make it legal, can I trust an online document I can download for that purpose? If I need a document do I need to have that document notarized or witnessed?
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An agent may refuse to act on behalf of the principal for any reason. If you are an agent, you can end the power of attorney by resigning in writing. The writing should be notarized, and a copy provided to the principal or their guardian/conservator, the successor agent, and any court that may be involved in the handling of the principal's affairs. It is suggested to file your resignation in your county's public records office to make it official.

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