I am single with no kids or siblings or close relatives. Who can I appoint Power of Attorney?

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I am single with no kids or siblings or close relatives. Ten years ago I moved across the country to live with my parents and help them cope with dementia. That has been a full-time job. Dad died 4 years ago and Mom is in hospice care at home; I remain primary caregiver. I am trying to get my legal house in order (trust, DPOA, HCPOA, etc.) but over the last ten years I've lost touch with old friends on the other side of the country. So, at this time, I have no one in my life to appoint as trustee, DPoA, Health Surrogate, Personal Rep, etc. I can't be the only one in this awkward spot. So, what do you recommend people in my situation do regarding these matters?
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No you are not the only one who has no close relatives to appoint as their agent under a Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, Health Care Power of Attorney and similar matters. 

In most States you can appoint almost any adult. However, in some states you cannot appoint treating health care providers or their employees, and some prohibit nurse-practitioner, or cardiologist so it is best not to appoint one of these.

Otherwise you can appoint a friend, lawyer, geriatric care manager, or other professional that assists people who do not have another person to appoint.