If someone is on the Deed but not the Note are they still responsible for the home?

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My life partner has left the relationship. She is on the deed but not on the home loan. Does she still have responsibilities to the house. I am trying to sell in an area that is not selling and the house will not likely sell for price that it was purchased for. Is there any legal recourse to hold her responsible for? In addition, we have a car loan and a savings account in both names, is there anyway I can get her to pay for either of them?
05/09/2007   |   Category: Real Property ยป Deeds   |   State: Kentucky   |   #4363


Generally, a person isn't liable for the separate debts of another unless their name is on the debt, such as being a joint account holder/guarantor/surety/co-signor. If her name is on the car loan, she will be responsible for payment according to the terms of the loan.

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