If property is sold for back taxes, what is the period in which the owner can redeem the property?

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If real property is sold and purchased for back taxes, what is the period in which an the owner can redeem the property? Does the court house have up-to-date records of liens and taxes owed up to the day of the sheriff sale or do I need to run a title check like a week before the sale (buying for investment purposes? After the sheriff sale could someone place a lien on the property prior the winning bidder receiving a tax deed?
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Tax Lien Certificates Tax Deed Sales In Pennsylvania PA

Interest Rate: Not applicable, state only has tax deed sales

Redemption Period: In most counties after the sale there is no right of
redemption but in the City of Philadelphia a right of redemption may apply if
the property was owner occupied 90 days prior to the sale.

Pennsylvania tax lien auctions: Pennsylvania does not have tax lien
certificate auctions

Pennsylvania tax deed sales: Sales usually occur in September. Judicial sales
are in the spring.

Bidding Process: All auctions are by competitive bid. If a property does not
sell at auction, a private sale is held three months later and after that, if no
sale occurs, then the lien is evaluated and can be removed if decided by the
court .

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