What is needed for me to sell my vacant residential land in another state?

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I live in New York , and I want to sell my Florida vacant residential land for cash to someone I know. Can I do this without a lawyer or title company? I have a form called 'Contract For The Sale And Purchase of Real Estate - No Broker - Vacant Residential Land '. It's a multi-state form. Do I need another form to pass the ownership of the deed to the buyer? Can anyone deliver the deed to the County Recorder for recording, or must a lawyer be used? If you say I should use a lawyer for any of the above, is it absolutely necessary, or just recommended?
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Generally, it is not necessary to have a lawyer in order to transfer property or deliver a deed to the county recorder, although it may be advisable to have the documents reviewed by an attorney. A contract for sale will typically specify the terms upon which the deed
will be delivered to the purchaser. The contract for sale may specify that other documents are required to be provided before the deed is delivered to the buyer, such as financial documents necessary to secure financing. It may also specify that title insurance is to be provided,
in which case a title company may be involved. I suggest reviewing the document for specific requirements.

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