Can we amend a trust that has errors in it and corrections made with white out?

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we have a revocable living trust prepared by an attorney, for my father. one of the beneficiaries names has been corrected to the correct spelling with white out and ink pen. it also has a number 7 for the date on the first page of the trust and 6's everywhere else including the notaries dates do these two facts cause the trust to be invalid? also can I use uslegals ammendment forms to add property to this trust if it is in deed valid?
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Typically, the use of white out is not acceptable on a legal document and errors on the document can be corrected by crossing out the mistake and the signor of the document initialing next to the error and correction. Improper corrections could open up the document to review for validity. However, a well drafted amendment that referenced the earlier issues, including name spelling corrections in white out and inconsistent date references could be fix the issues. The trustor (person who created the trust) could execute an amendment if he/she remains legally capable of signing the new document.