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What is the difference between a Living Trust and a Living Will?

What is the difference between a Living Trust and a Living Will?

01/16/2017   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: ALL   |   #30362

If beneficiary named in trust dies who received the property?

if i am the trustee and one of the beneficiary of my mothers trust and i pass away before her do my children get my share

11/08/2016   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: New Jersey   |   #26398

Do I need to probate a Will if there was a Trust and I am Trustee?

If a Trust has been prepared and the Trustor passes, and I am the Trustee, do I need to file the will with anyone since we will not need to do probate?

11/05/2016   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: California   |   #26243

My stepmother will not give me a copy of a Family Trust of which I am a beneficiary.

Our father before passing told my sister and I that we were named in the Family Trust. Our step-mother is stating we are second beneficiaries and are not entitled to a copy of the trust or will until after she dies. Is this true?

10/28/2016   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Illinois   |   #25800

Does a Trust Need to be Filed?

I am considering using for completing a 'Living Trust'. Do I have to file the completed documents with a state or county agency. How do I know that these documents will be accepted?ThanksCharlie Newman

04/18/2012   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Oregon   |   #25660

Do I Need to Set Up a New Trust to Disperse Funds to Trust Beneficiaries?

My mother, recently deceased, had an irrevocable trust. In that trust, she left monies to 3 grandchildren to be held in trust. Do I need to set up new trusts for each of the three of them, and does that make the original trust void after all monies are dispersed?

04/10/2012   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: North Carolina   |   #25652

How Can I Protect My Rental Properties from Probate and Lawsuits?

I want to organize our estate. We own 2 properties in the Los Angeles area, and 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada. My husband works doing residential maintenance and he is not too exposed to lawsuits, but you never know. I believe I do have the capacity to do it myself using some online service or software. But I want to know exactly what it is I should do. I am thinking I need to write u...

01/26/2012   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: California   |   #25602

Can we amend a trust that has errors in it and corrections made with white out?

we have a revocable living trust prepared by an attorney, for my father. one of the beneficiaries names has been corrected to the correct spelling with white out and ink pen. it also has a number 7 for the date on the first page of the trust and 6's everywhere else including the notaries dates do these two facts cause the trust to be invalid? also can I use uslegals ammendment...

01/05/2012   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Arizona   |   #25583

How do we transfer real property to a trust?

Husband & I have had separate trusts created. We are co-trustees of each other's trust.What is the exact proper language to re title our home into the trust?Also, what is the exact language to re title one rental property property into just one of our trusts? Also, do we get permission from the banks that have the mortgages first? Can you give any other pertinent advice re whe...

10/20/2011   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Illinois   |   #25525

Can a Trustee Pay the Mortage on Trust Property?

In Indiana, does a beneficiary who received a devise of real property under a trust, have any right to have the mortgage attached to the real property paid from the trust assets--whether or not the trust instrument directs the trustee to pay the mortgage. Please include any case-law and citations.

10/10/2011   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Indiana   |   #25516
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